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  • Are you tired of stress, burnout, anxiety and imbalances within yourself and in your relationships stopping you from living your best life? 


  • Would you like to enhance your ability feel calmer and to have a peace of mind? 


  • Are you ready to learn and implement practical strategies that will help you de-stress, heal from current or past experiences, and improve your relationships and communication?

If this sounds like you, I'd love to help you transform your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. 

When I first get to know my clients, I focus on their strengths and what is working in their lives. We will explore what helps you feel peaceful, present, and connected to what brings a smile to your face. Then, utilizing simple integrative approaches, I will help you build inner confidence and learn simple steps to help you feel more in harmony with yourself, able to clearly communicate your needs, and ready to take on your day with ease.

I will teach you the practical techniques that have provided transformational healing for my clients. These strategies will help you regulate your nervous system in a somatic way and soothe the natural stress responses of flee, fight, and freeze so that you can feel calmer and more balanced. 

I understand the importance of having a positive, trusting relationship with your therapist. Providing an inclusive non-judgmental, and comfortable experience in our counseling and coaching sessions is my priority. I am here to honor and support you connecting to your authentic self. We will work together so you can regain access to resources that will allow you to feel at harmony with yourself and your loved ones. 


Who can benefit from my services?


The approaches I draw from are helpful for adults, couples, adolescents, young adults, and families.

I help people find healing around diverse challenges including:




Grief and loss

Sleep disturbance 

Stress management 

Life transitions

Family conflict

Relationship therapy

Marriage therapy 

Couples therapy

Communication struggles 



Post-partum depression

Addictive patterns


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I am currently offering telehealth

sessions with limited in person availability 


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What My Clients Say 

"Alden is a committed, passionate, and integrative therapist who works with her clients to build a partnership for self growth and continued success. If you are looking for a non-judgmental, open-minded therapist to help you navigate life's rocky course, Alden has the heart and the tools to help guide you."

Michael D.

The wound is the place where light enters you.



Alden Carroll MSW | LCSW, LLC

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